Tuesday, February 19, 2013


One of the performances I found doing my reading that really stood out to me was one by Niki De Saint Phalle entitled, Shooting Painting.  The fact that in our current events guns and gun control is a very hot topic I really wanted to reenact this piece, but for certain reasons the university would not be too happy about it, so I need to come up with an alternative plan.  One of the plans may be to create a piece influenced by Niki De Saint Phalle's piece and plant it in a location known for gun fun out in the desert.  I have an idea to alter it a bit by dressing as a construction worker setting up my piece, and possibly making the objects something that may be unpleasant to see "bleed out and die".  I need to know exact locations for this gun fun and a way to get my piece out there so people will see it.  Any comments are welcome.